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The Kentucky Self-Insurers' Association is dedicated to providing the latest information and assistance to employers with self-insured workers' compensation insurance programs. KSIA is a member of the National Council of Self-Insurers.

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Legislative Authorization & Requirements

342.342 - Annual review of individual self-insurance administrative regulations; Annual report on the financial soundness of self-insurers and self-insurance groups; Division of Security and Compliance expansion


​​342.345 - Certificate of individual self-insurance; Revocation; New certificate; Effect of revocation.


342.347 - Examination of finances of individual self-insureds; Annual statement of financial condition; Role of Department of Insurance.

Link to full text of 803 KAR 25:021 (Individual self-insurers.RELATES TO: KRS 342.342, 342.345, 342.347)

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Judy B. Long, Smart Casualty Claims

Board Members

Sandi Wilson, Staffmark

Executive Director

John "Tom" Underwood


Angela Underwood

Michelle Jacobi


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KSIA is the only state-wide professional organization representing self-insured programs in the state of Kentucky. The Association works as a liaison with both the General Assembly and Administrative Agencies and is committed to keeping its members current on Workers' Compensation developments.

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